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J.S. Pancake CafeChiba

As the name suggests, J.S. Pancake Cafe is a light food restaurant with a focus on pancakes, and it is popular with people of all ages. It operates a branch in Shisui Premium Outlets, a shopping plaza located not far from Narita International Airport. At Shisui Premium Outlets, you can stop by J.S. Pancake Cafe while shopping.
J.S. Pancake Cafe offers both sweet pancakes and substantial “meal pancakes.” My favorite is the ricotta pancakes with lemon. It is a soft, chewy creation topped with a thick layer of lemon butter and two pieces of fresh lemon. The pancake is finished with a sprinkling of grated cheese and drizzled with honey. It is a perfect combination of fresh and delicious flavors.
I always enjoy a good cup of tea. This café’s J.S. Blend Tea has hints of such fruits as grapes and peaches as well as mint. It really is a wonderful balance of flavors and is the perfect complement for anything sweet. I strongly recommend a visit to this café for its pancakes and J.S. Blend Tea.

Name: Xue Jie

Shanghai-Based Crew

ADDRESS: Shisui Premium Outlets, 2−4−1 Iizumi, Shisui, Inba, Chiba

TEL: +81-43-496-5238

HOURS: 10 a.m.–8 p.m. (last orders, 7:30)

ACCESS: Airport bus from Narita Airport to Shisui Premium Outlets

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