Niigata Soh-Odori

A festival of dance that lets you rediscover the spirituality of Niigata
Over 300 organizations from around Japan are taking part in this event, with the theme of passing on sentiments to the next generation. The highlight is the Niigata Geta Soh-Odori, a recreation of a dance actually performed in Niigata 300 years ago. This festival gives you a taste of the spirituality of the people of Niigata, who used to dance for four straight days and nights.

By public transportation
A 10 minute walk from JR Niigata Station (differs by venue)

Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (differs by venue)

Admission: free

Address: Central Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture (about 10 venues are planned)

Airport: Niigata Airport

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