Ginrei Gassan Junmai Daiginjo Limited Edition 720 ml

Winner of the Junmai Ginjo / Daiginjo Sake Trophy at IWC 2014. Meltwater from Mount Gassan, the highest peak of the Three Mountains of Dewa, filters down in a process that takes 300 to 400 years, emerging at the foot where the brewery is located. The brewery crafts their sake using this spring water, which has been selected as one of the 100 best in Japan. This Junmai Daiginjo sake is crafted by local brewmaster Mr. Nunomiya, and exudes the essence of Yamagata. It uses "Yamada Nishiki," considered the premier rice for brewing sake, as well as the local "Dewa Sansan" strain that is also a perfect match. It features a refreshing bouquet and a smooth, refined taste.

Address: 769-1 Yasawa, Sagae, Yamagata Prefecture (Gassan Shuzo)

Airport: Yamagata Airport

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